Thursday, February 15, 2007

Amazing opps on PPP

A lot of people look surprised when I tell them that I actually make money blogging. Most of my earnings come from opportunites I took from Payperpost, the leading "Consumer Generated Advertising Network" that actually pays me to blog what I like.

They have recently rolled out a new segmentation system whereby advertisers can choose the type of blogs they want to carry their ads. For example, auto related companies can choose to only have auto related blogs like mine to carry their ads. Likewise, companies can choose to limited their sponsored opportunities to blogs that have higher page rankings (meaning higher number of visitors). Advertisers should note that PPP only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup.

Soon after they put the new system in place, there has been a number of high paying of opportunities. For example, if you are a PR8 blog, you could actually make $1000 for a single post. That is a little more than 3 times more than what I have made all this time. I lost another $35 opportunity today for Mustang Myspace Layouts, which wanted only auto blogs because I don't have the required PR (5).

If you are concerned about the reaction from potential customers, PPP requires all bloggers to disclose their sponsored posts.

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