Thursday, April 03, 2008

Th!nk cars in the UK soon

With the petrol prices way up, it's becoming quite a burden to drive the car. I really do wish I had a hybrid or electric car> Anyway, was just reading about the Th!nk cars from the Norwegian company Think. They recently launched the TH!NK city and concept TH!NK Ox at the 78th annual international Motor Show in Geneva.

The TH!NK city is totally emission free and looks like a fun car. Moreover, the body is 95% recyclable. Talk about environment friendly.

On a full charge it can go up to 200 kilometres (124 miles) in city driving, with a top speed of 100km/h.

However, I have to say, the 'Ox' definitely looks way better than the 'City'.


According to various reports the Th!nk cars will go on sale during the last quarter of this year at a retail price of around £14,000.

Read more on and on the Channel 4 websites.


Cars said...

The think cars look pretty slick.
I wonder what the sticker price will be.

John Brent Gavino said...

The car do look good but what about its performance? I have tried some, don't wanna mention the makes, and their performance on a highway are just not that good, if a big vehicle passes you, your steering goes a little crazy.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Cars: Read my latest post

John: It's a small car and I guess they are mostly meant for city driving.

christine mcd said...

I like these new cars, I have also been looking at Smart Cars. I have one problem, these cars seem great, earth-friendly, oil-friendly, but I keep feeling like I am going to get squished on the road. Like john brent gavino said, your steering goes crazy. I live in the land of SUV's, and vehicles that are way to big!


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