Saturday, October 08, 2011

Car Magnets - an effective advertising medium

A great way to advertise your business or organisation is to use the vehicles. They represent a really great medium for advertising and promotion as they are visible, mobile and cost effective.

You have several options: First of all, there is the more permanent method of painting on the vehicles or you can also have the really popular method - using customized vinyl decals which can partially or fully wrap the vehicle. Another method which is fast gaining in popularity is the use of magnetic signs. These offer several advantages over the previous two methods namely, in terms of flexibility and relatively inexpensive as well. They can be removed easily and transferred to other positions or vehicles.

Sometimes if you are using your car for both commercial and private purposes, you may not want the sign on all the time. In this case, magnetic signs are the obvious choice. On the other hand, these signs have certain limitations in the sense that it may not be possible to have full coverage or have them go round the curves or the vehicle.

Anyway, I was going through the - a company which specialises in car magnets.

According to the company, their signs use high quality material, with non-fading ink which is UV and scratch resistant. However, I guess there is a small mistake on the home page at the top as it says that you can choose from 3 sizes when in fact, they offer five standard sizes of magnetic car signs.

They take away the difficult job of designing your own signs by offering over 100 templates to choose from. To make it easier, the templates are also grouped under different categories ranging from "Just Married" to "Autism Awareness" - all you have to do is add your own slogan or company name. On other other hand, if you are the artistic type or know someone good with graphics - you also have the option of uploading you own graphics and then use their online editing tool to add additional text.

I feel that a little bit more information about the advantages of magnetic car signs and also some more information about the company would help. It also appears that their pricing page is still under construction - not a great way to instil confidence in prospective customers. They could also do with a more professional looking logo. Apart from that, I think the site is really innovative and their online editing tool is really user friendly as well. It took me less than 5 minutes to choose a template and create my own sign.

Check out the site in case you are thinking of getting a magnetic sign for your car.

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