Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good quality spark plugs

One of the most important components of your car are the spark plugs. Many of us do not realise the important role that the spark plugs play in the the smooth running of our cars. I once tried to save money by insisting on some cheap brand spark plugs when I had my car serviced. It was OK for a while but after a few months the acceleration became poor, my fuel mileage went down drastically and I knew something was definitely wrong when there were rough vibrations while idling.

I took the car back to the garage and as I had suspected, the spark plugs were fouled. After changing the spark plugs to the brand and type recommended by the manufacturer, I felt like I was driving a completely new car.

There are several popular brands out there and the market but among the most popular are the NGK spark plugs. They are considered the leaders in spark plug technology. If you are in the US and looking for NGK spark plugs for your vehicle, visit the JEGS online store. They have a huge range of NGK spark plugs as well as other popular brands including Bosch, Champion and AC Delco among others. The prices are reasonable and they offer same day shipping.

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