Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where Can I Get a Quick Logbook Loan Against My Car?

Have you been rejected by the banks? People require fast loans for a variety of reasons: whether to ease financial constraints and make ends meet, pay for a holiday, or complete some on-going home improvements. Read on to discover straightforward and secure alternatives that could provide you with large sums of cash in your account today.

Logbook Loans

Have you considered a logbook loan to ease your financial pressures? V5 Loans is a company which offers simple alternatives to bank loans for people who have been refused by banks and other lenders. Similar to a payday loan, a logbook loan can provide even larger sums of cash to customers, much more quickly. Simply, it is finance secured against the value of your car or vehicle, whereas a payday loan is unsecured. The value of your car will be assessed promptly as the car is the loan’s security; fees are determined by each vehicle’s age, model type, and general condition.

Instant Fast Cash

With V5 Loans you may be eligible to up to £20,000, depending on the condition of your vehicle, and this figure could be transferred into your account within 24 hours! V5 Loans ensures that a cheque or cash can be handed over within a few hours, since there are no credit checks and your only obligation will be to make timely loan repayments. You might be eligible for same day cash, so long as you own a vehicle and are based in England or Wales.

Bad Credit Rating

V5 Loans can boost your future credit rating, making prospective bank loan applications more likely to be accepted. Keeping up with weekly or monthly repayment plans ensures this provides a boost to your credit file. APR rates are typically higher than most high street lenders, but this is offset by the loan’s flexibility; it represents a secure alternative to unregulated money lenders.

Typically, logbook loans companies will arrange a face-to-face meeting with each customer, following a successful online loan application. This is a standard procedure to discuss the lending scheme and appraise the value of your car, thus deciding on the size of the loan. What’s more, you are often allowed to keep driving your vehicle throughout the duration.

Remember, you may be eligible for an instant cash loan, even with a bad credit history. If you are looking for a quick loan and own a car that is free, or almost free, from finance and have a proven income – whether through wages or welfare benefits – a logbook loan is a quick, reliable, and handy solution.

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