Friday, August 30, 2013

Are Logbook Loans For You?

Do you need quick cash? A logbook loan can help cover medical fees, home repairs and household bills and is a straightforward solution that provides same day financial support. V5 Loans is a flexible logbook loan lender that offers secure alternatives to banks and other high street lenders.

A logbook loan may suit you if you have a poor credit rating or no credit history, so take a look at these helpful tips to see if a short-term finance loan can help you out.

Instant Cash

Rejected by the banks and require fast cash? V5 Loans can offer between £500 and £20,000, based on the value of your vehicle, within 24 hours. Instant funds are available even if you have poor credit history since the loan is determined by a prompt valuation of your car. As long as you own a vehicle which is free, or almost free, of finance, and have a proven stream of income, then you may be eligible for same day approval. Most applicants can start using the money within a few hours.

Secured Loan

As a secured loan, logbook loans are administered with your car used as collateral. V5 Loans not only offers same day personal loans, but applicants are also allowed to keep their vehicle throughout the duration of the loan process. So if you need your car for work, or for whatever purpose, then you can carry on driving.

Reliable Loan Lender

It is important to choose a trustworthy and reliable cash lender. Select a logbook loan company which is governed by Consumer Credit Law, like V5 Loans. A Consumer Credit License demonstrates the company’s confidentiality and quality of service. Avoid unregulated lenders and make sure you choose a company that is transparent and offers the kind of service you need.

Repayment Plans

Looking for a loan repayment schedule tailored to your lifestyle? V5 Loans can help. They offer flexible payment schemes to suit you; whether weekly or monthly, timely repayments can even help to boost your credit file.

If you are in need of speedy financial solutions then get in touch with a reputable logbook loans company. A logbook loan is not a long-term financial solution but it can ease short-term money pressures and repair your credit rating. Get the money you need… today!

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