Saturday, October 01, 2016

The New MIVEC Turbo Diesel Engine

The new engine uses an aluminum die-cast cylinder block with the result that the weight of the engine is lighter by 12.5 kilograms as compared to the conventional cast-iron cylinder block. Its maximum output is 221kW (300PS)/ 6,500rpm and its maximum torque is 422Nm (43.0kgf・m)/3,500rpm (for Japan market), a higher maximum torque than the 4G63 model. The intake and exhaust side layout of this engine is also different with the intake side at the front of the vehicle body and the exhaust side at the rear. This eliminates the need to have an exhaust pipe underneath the engine, so Mitsubishi was able to lower the position of the engine by 10mm compared to a conventional model, contributing to lowering the height of the center of gravity.

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