Thursday, March 22, 2007

Car classifieds for charity is a free car classifieds site offering both new and Used Cars For Sale.

You might ask, "So! There are a lot of free car classifieds websites out there, what's so unique about this site?"

Well! This website was started with a noble goal in mind. While other sites are out for the big green and monetary gain, this classifieds site aims to raise funds for the building of an orphanage network. The profits from this site will be used to develop this network that will begin in Mexico and one day expand worldwide. The orphanage in Mexico called Natalia's House, is scheduled to break ground later this year.

However, that's not all the site also has links to car reviews, gas prices in different parts of the US and Canada, as well as free pictures of cars that you can use as wallpaper for your desktop.

I am more than happy to spread the news of this nice cause.

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