Monday, November 28, 2005

Maximum Speed Limit in Malaysia

What is the maximum speed limit in Malaysia?

If you answer 110 KM/Hr on highways, then you are wrong. It is actually (but not officially) 120 KM/Hr.

Actually I had heard of this as a rumour before, but I later confirmed it with a few friends working with the JPJ, the Malaysian Road Transport Department.

It's an unwritten rule that the maximum speed limit beyond which motorist may be fined in Malaysia is 10 KM/hr more than what is pointed out on the signs. If you don't believe me, just check the speeding summons, which you have received so far. The fine will be for speeds more than 120 KM/hr on 110 Km/Hr stretches and more than 90 KM/Hr on the 80 KM/hr stretches.

Anyway, the fastest I have ever done on my Proton Wira is 145 KM/Hr and yes I received a summons for it. However, I have heard that some guys have gone as fast as 200KM/Hr on the North South highway. I know for a fact that one of my wife’s relatives did Kuala Lumpur to Johor in almost 2 and half hours on his Ferrari. That’s a distance of 368 km and normally takes 4 hours (with no traffic jams).

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