Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meaning of the warning lights on your dashboard

I have had my car serviced and MOT done recently but the service reminder light still comes on. The workshop did not know how to solve the problem ( I did not go to TMS - the authorised dealers of Volvo in Coventry, this time) and so I turned to my trusted Guru - YouTube. I soon found a video showing how to reset the service light indicator on a Volvo S40. Watch below:

Anyway, according to Britannia Rescue, most drivers do not have a clue what all the lights on their dashboard stand for. I found a great guide on the VW Facebook page with explanations of the lights. They might differ from car to car.

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Elias Rufus said...

There are so many warning signs. It's nice to be able to learn what the meanings are. I wonder how many people actually know them all.


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