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Proton Preve update

Wow! It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I apologise to my regular readers who have since drifted away - this is a personal blog and more of a hobby blog and it has been quite hectic since I moved back to Malaysia from the UK and had to focus on my job and family. However, I kind of miss blogging and will definitely be updating this blog more often with car industry news, reviews and my personal thoughts.

Anyway, if you own a Proton Preve CFE 1.6 A (Turbo), you should be aware that they are having a product recall, though they are not officially calling it that. They are calling it a parts replacement.

I actually had to book with my Proton workshop, Senaxis Sdn Bhd, 2 months in advance and had to leave the car the workshop for 2 days. I was a bit annoyed when I took leave and left the car for two days but learnt that did not do anything as the parts had not arrived. Finally got it done this week.

Here are the parts that replaced for free:

FlywheelCVT DamperCrankshaft bolt…

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