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Bad experience with a detailing shop

 I have a confession - I have never taken my car to a detailing shop. Normally I will take my car to the local car wash and have it hand washed for a couple of ringgit. Normally around RM10 and a bit more extra if it is quite dirty or you want it waxed. Anyway, I love watching all the YouTube videos where they take a dirty car and clean it until it is literally unrecognisable.  So last week I took my wife's car to the detailing shop near my house - found out that the 2nd cheapest option - deep clean with a thin protective coating would cost me RM 200. I decided to go with this option and if I was satisfied with this, I would go for the more expensive option. They took several hours and it was nearly dark when I went to pick up the car. It looked clean and shiny then and I was quite happy. However, next morning I was really disappointed. There were dirty spots everywhere. The rims were not cleaned properly and they had not even bothered to wipe down the dashboard. 

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