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Proton Wira Project Car Upgrade Plan 2024

Have not updated this blog for a while. In many last post, I was seriously considering selling the old car .  This is an update on my  Proton Wira project car . For those who are wondering, it is still running fine - no problems at all. In fact, I use it as my daily runner.  However, as most of you car guys are aware, a project car is never finished.  The dilemma like always is whether I am spending too much on it. Or it might be better off just buy a new car or at least a newer used car. Anyway, here are my upgrade plans for this year: 1. New central locking. The old one is showing signs of age. For example, when I press the unlock button, it works but the car door knob/ pin does not come up and I still have to use the keys. 2. New brakes for all wheels. They work fine but I can certainly feel the difference after I use our Preve. 3. New front turn signal lights (Left & Right). The bulbs are OK, just that the old ones are yellowing and chipped and look bad. 3. New paint job / or w

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