Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Name Matters

Just found a reason why the Proton Chancellor might not do well.

According to one of my sources the name when translated into Chinese ( forgot to ask whether in Mandarin or one of the dialects) sound a bit like “will surely die tragically or horribly”.

NOTE: Learnt that other bloggers including the famous Jeff Ooi had written about the issue before. Another related link here.

Knowing from experience how superstitious many of the Chinese in Malaysia are, its no wonder that the car is not that popular with them.

Added 13 March, 06: Proton is planning to export the Chancellor to some overseas markets and I am not sure whether they are going to rename it. I know for sure that they have a policy of having different names of it's various models in different markets. For example, the Proton Wira was known as the Persona (no more on sale in the UK apart from second hand). Similarly, the Waja and the Arena is known as the Impian and Jumbuck respectively in Australia and UK. Similarly . Hope they don't face the same problem that the Tata did with the Cliffrider.

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