Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proton Savvy worst Car of the year

Proton Savvy was voted worst Car of the year 2006 on the Autozine homepage. Click link here.

Last year it was the Proton Gen2. I don't know whether this guy Mark Wan has something against Proton.



Proton Man said...

hey i am with you i think the guy posted that has something with proton.

hope he goes and sees a psychiatrist

Adam said...

Yeah! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i dont think Mark Wan has something against proton. His reviews/summarys are good and honest and often reflect what car magazines or car journalist around the world have to say about cars. he just puts it in a way that we all understand better.

most of the relevant and interesting news about cars are always on his site. and its easier to follow than following other famous car sites or magazines.

KY said...

that's one guy's opinion, you can always beg to differ.


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