Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dashboard malfunction

Never wipe your dashboard with glass cleaner fluid, especially if you drive a Proton car and have to park it under the hot sun.

I learnt it the hard way.

Still don't know what had happened. There must have been some kind of reaction because when I got out of my office in the evening, I found out that the top covering on my dashboard had curled up.

Went around for around 2 whole hours searching for a workshop which could fix it. Some said that I would have to get the whole dashboard changed which means around RM300 +. So went to a few chop shops but they didn't have the Wira dashboard.

Finally found a cushion repair shop in Kepala Batas (near the airport) who told me that he could do it for around RM100.

Have to go back next week.

Thanks for showing me the way, Chandra. You have saved me a lot of dough.


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