Friday, July 14, 2006

Chery QQ in Malaysia

The Chery QQ and QQRacing (QQR) was launched by Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Awang Adek Husin yesterday. The Cheryy cars are distributed in the ASEAN region by Alado Automobile Sdn Bhd.

According to Alado chairman Musa Saad, they plan to sell only 200 units of the QQ annually.

The Chery QQ has an engine capacity of 8712cc and is selling at RM39,888. On the other hand, the sporty QQR is priced RM41,888.

One of their concepts (Good Luck)
Both cars come in 5 speed manual transmission and powered by a 12 valve 3 cylinder DOHC engine. The model was introduced in China in 2003 with over 250,000 uints sold worldwide.

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chinacars said...

chery qq is like the beetle , cute and small and good on gas, and very cheap. IT will do great

Chery qq

Adam said...

I hope so. A lot of people here are concerned about the quality and availability of the spare parts.

doc said...

well done Alado!,QQ launched in Labuan FT under 20k just this month,I hope Labuan will show the way in your marketing of Chery cars,for far too long now,even duty free cars are still expensive in Labuan!!Best value for money,I am waiting for my QQ anytime now

Adam said...

Below 20K for a new car - that's cheap. The cheapest in Malaysia if I am not mistaken.


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