Monday, February 05, 2007

Protecting window tints from scratches

Most cars now come with windows tints factory installed. They can help to keep down the temperature inside the car in hot, sunny places. Other people tint their car windows just to look cool.

Several car owners are encountering a particular problem with their tint being scratched. It seems certain manufacturers including Mercedes, Ford and Honda among others have felt on only one side of the window canal of the door, while failing to put this felt on the the weather strip that seals the window. This weather strip is made of hard plastic and over time collects dirt and other materials which rub against the tint causing scratches. has come out with a high quality felt strip installed to the existing plastic weatherstrip to prevent future scratches to film. The Tint Protectors Moleskin developed and manufactured by the company is made to withstand more heat, moisture, cold and abuse. The secret is their special synthetic resin adhesive. This product simulates the fur of a mole (hence the name) and removes dirt and grit as the glass moves down, thus preventing scratches.

Mustang and TL owners are the companies best customers. They also sell the MoleSkin for other purposes as well - to stop rattles and squeaks and as cleaning towels.


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