Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Auto forum plus classifieds

One of my readers emailed me asking me advise about buying a used car. Well, I can only point out some greats links on the site for them. Joining in auto discussion forums might be a good idea as there are a number of people who could help with specific requests.

Car Classifieds is a site which might help with your decision. You can browse cars by make / model - regardless of whether you are looking for a Pontiac Firebird or a Toyota Corolla.

You can also join their forum where you can put up any of your auto related questions. The website claims that their Auto forum is one of the fastest growing automotive communities on the Interent.

If you are not looking for a car but instead looking for a place to place an ad for you old car, you might be pleased to hear that you can list your car for free now. Go and check out the site.

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