Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mitsubishi launches 2 new models

Mitsubishi Motors is going to release two models for the Japanese domestic market this fall, namely the GALANT FORTIS sedan and the LANCER EVOLUTION X high-performance 4WD sedan.

Galant Fortis is actually the US market Lancer. Features of the Galant Fortis 1 include a high-rigidity platform, a new 2-liter engine with aluminum cylinder block with sporty exterior styling .

The Lancer Evolution X2 features Mitsubishi's S-AWC3 traction and handling system, with the four-wheel drive system/. It is powered by a lightweight 2.0-liter turbocharged MIVEC4 engine with aluminum cylinder block and a 6-speed automated manual transmission.

Don't you think the Evo X looks deadly?


Auto 101 said...

The term “fortis” comes from the Latin language with a corresponding English meaning of “strong, steadfast, and courageous”. The new Galant Fortis has execelent styling concept, equipped of newly improve mitsubishi truck parts such as engine with aluminum cylinder block that delivers high power output and returns excellent fuel efficiency, more spacious for lots of stuffs and other accessories making it more attractive.

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