Friday, June 22, 2007

UK personalised number site

One day I suddenly realised that my friend's car number actually spells out his name. Well not exactly but almost. He told me that he had to pay quite a bit for that but I was really impressed.

If you want one too, check out the Northumbria Numbers site. Search for your own personalised car number on their site. The possibilities are endless - you can have ageless car registrations, prefix type registration numbers and current style number plates.

Best of all, they will do the transfer paperwork for you. There are loads of reductions on their bargain page. Their site will try to find a personalised car registration to suited to your needs on their database. Customers can search by name, letters, numbers, car make etc.

Check out the site for general information on personalised number plates. This includes history of UK number registration systems and laws governing number plates and more.You can even sell you car number by filling up a form on the site.

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