Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Radar gun site

The speed limit inside the University of Warwick campus is 20 mph and they have a traffic speed board to inform the drivers of their speeds. I was thinking to myself that I was a great idea to get drivers to reduce their speed if they were traveling fast. Would be much more effective than the normal speed limit signs. I assume that they were using a radar gun to find out the speed.

If you were interested in getting one, go over to, a sports and traffic radar gun site.

The 'Traffic Radar Speed Board' is a 10.5" dual color high intensity LED display. It flashes the speed in red to warn speeders while it is green for legal speeds. The different models all come with a 12 month limited warranty (6 month battery warranty) parts and labor covered.

They have so many different varieties of top quality Traffic and Police Radar Guns that should fit every budget. All of the products are made in the United States. Shipping is through standard UPS ground shipping and is free on all radar guns for delivery within the continental USA.

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