Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Turkish sports car launched

Ilker Yoldas who blogs at The Thinking Blog informed me about the launch of a Turkish sports car - the Etox. It will be available in 3 different engine versions, namely:
- 1.5 liter, 125 bhp diesel engine
- 3.0 liter, 220 bhp diesel engine
- 3.0 liter V6, 272 bhp petrol engine

The company is called Etox Zafer and is based in Ankara. The car was launched on August the 30th - on Zafer Bayram─▒ (Victory Day).

So went over to their website to check it out. Nice to see that they have an English version page. However, I was disappointed as the site doesn't provide any more technical specifications of the car apart from the the engine. According to the site:
The company still keeps many technical specifications of this car as a secret in order to create a marketing buzz.

The site has an over all amateurish feel - I mean they could have come up with some higher resolution pictures of the car.

It was also quite funny to see Google ads plastered everywhere. Among others they were advertising Suzuki and Skoda cars. It's not everyday that you see a car manufacturer advertising other companies on their site.

I learnt later that the Etox is technically not Turkey's first sports car model. The first was the STC-16. Designed by Eralp Noyan, it was in production between 1973 and 1975.


Here a video clip of the new Etox:

Read Ilker's post as well: Unveiled: World's First Turkish Sportscar. Thanks for the buzz Ilker.


ilker said...

You're welcome!

crash course said...

The 220bhp diesel looks interesting; any chance of you getting a road tets and telling us about it...

Adam said...

If I ever gets my hands on one, I will definitely be blogging about it here.


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