Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The BMW Ultimate Drive Weekend

BMW organised an event they called the BMW Ultimate Drive Weekend from April 17 - 18th. You could go over to your nearest BMW dealer and see the newest models upclose and even test drive them. This would have been a wonderful opportunity but I blew it as I had something up and didn't go.

As part of this event, they also had a competition where a lucky winner would have the chance to use four different BMWs to use over a year - a new one every 3 months. I wonder who the lucky winner is.

Here is a clip of the BMW M3 GTS Testdrive

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bmw dealerships in Belmont said...

Wow!! the reward for the winner is a attractive one. Chance for driving 4 different BMW is really a good award. I think the winner is too lucky to get this prize.


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