Wednesday, June 02, 2010

BMW 5 series scores high in pedestrian safety

Euro NCAP today released the test results for three new cars: the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW 5-series and the Mazda CX-7.

The BMW 5 series achieved a high 78% in pedestrian protection. The car has an active bonnet, so that when a pedestrian is struck, the bonnet is lifted from its position as a result, creating more space to absorb the energy that usually results in injury. The car also scored 100% in Safety Assist as the car has electronic stability control fitted as standard, seatbelt reminders in the front and rear, as well as a driver set speed limitation device.

One of the most common injuries in the event of a rear impact are whiplash injuries.

The BMW seat and head restraint was found to offer good protection. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is equipped with a reactive seat and head restraint offering good protection as well. However, the Mazda CX -7 was found to offer poor protection against whiplash.

For detailed ESC performance data on all cars tested in 2009 go to the Euro NCAP website Besides English, the Euro NCAP website is now available in Dutch and French as well.

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