Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to reset the service indicator on the Volvo S40

I serviced my car a few weeks back at my favourite garage "MOT Centre Services" in Stoney Stanton Rd which was previously known as Taxi & Car Repairs.

I was about to drive away after the service when I noticed that the service indicator light was still on. This warning light comes on to indicate that it was time to service the car.

They told me that they had not been able to shut it off. Something about not have the proper software or something.

Seeing this warning every time I started the car was really irritating. I was tempted but didn't go to TMS Coventry, the official Volvo dealer in Coventry as I knew that they would charge me a nice "official" price just to reset it and I would probably have to leave the car there for a whole day.

I don't know why but it never occurred to me to look it up on the net. It was only this Monday I suddenly remembered my car and Googled "reset service indicator on volvo s40" and discovered that I could reset the service indicator in just 4 steps:

1. Turn Key to position I (Intermediate position)
2. Push in the tripmeter reset button while turning key to position II (Drive position).
3. Hold down the tripmeter reset button until service reminder starts flashing (about 30 seconds)
4. Release the tripmeter reset button.

I didn't get it to work the first time but after the third try, the indicator light just went off.

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