Thursday, November 04, 2010

Medical professionals are the most accident prone in the UK

A recent press release by the online price comparison site,, totally changed my perception of the motorist profiles I have had all my life. Apparently those in the medical profession appeared most frequently in the top ten (50%) car insurance claims in the past 12 months (18th October 2009 and 18th October 2010).

This is surprising because they are supposed to be most aware of all professions when it comes to accidents and injuries.

The results of the research showed that GPs are the most hazardous drivers in the UK with 33% of claims made by them. They were followed by psychologists (30%), district nurses (30%), hospital doctors (29%) and dentists (27%)making a claim.

In what seems to be bizarre findings, 20-20 vision doesn't help as well with opticians making up 27% of those claiming for an incident in the last 12 months. They were closely followed by law abiding policeman who made up 26% of the claimants.

It was not surprising that high earners such as solicitors and accountants are also the most likely to make a claim, contributing to 65% of the top 20.

The safest drivers were actually the low income earners with car valeters being the least likely to make a claim with only 8% putting in the paperwork in the last 12 months.

Here is the full list of the Top 20 occupations that have claimed in an accident:

1. Doctor GP
2. Psychologist
3. District Nurse
4. Hospital Doctor
5. Solicitor
6. Chartered Accountant
7. Head Teacher
8. Dentist
9. Personnel Officer
10. Chartered Surveyor
11. Quantity Surveyor
12. Optician
13. Systems Manager
14. Police Officer
15. Financial Advisor
16. Computer Services Manager
17. Accountant Chartered
18. Pharmacist
19. Probation Officer
20. Local Government Officer

Top 20 occupations least likely to be involved in an accident

1. Car Valeter
2. Labourer
3. Van / Lorry / Fork Lift Truck Driver
4. Farm Worker
5. Scaffolder / Roofer
6. Construction Worker
7. Decorator / Painter / Plasterer
8. Road Worker
9. Coach Driver
10. Security Guard
11. Builder
12. Groundsmen
13. Mechanic
14. Carpet Fitter
15. Warehouse Employee
16. Bar Staff
17. Cleaner
18. Bakery Worker
19. Double Glazing Fitter
20. Factory Worker

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