Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Honda Civic concepts

Honda unveiled the ninth-generation Civic concepts at the North American International Auto Show in in Detroit, Michigan.

This two new cars are the Civic Si Concept coupe and the Civic Concept sedan. They will come as hybrid and natural-gas variants. The new Civic hybrid will feature a lithium ion battery cell, the first ever for a Honda hybrid.

4 comments: said...

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bizconnmedia said...

This civic is ok but not that inspiring. It does kinda reminds me of a bad warm over honda accord coupe in 2 and 4 doors. Honda sorry but as long as you are going to put out style turds I will have to look at other makes.

Sammy said...

Hullo bro, nice background, pity cant see most of the fonts as the color is too faint.

Methew said...

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