Saturday, August 27, 2011

Results of the Largest Electric Vehicle Trial

Late 2009, I wrote a post "Electric cars tested in the UK" about CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators) - the UK’s largest study into long-term low carbon vehicle use.

The results of the test were released by researchers in Aston university, Birmingham last month. Their press release says among others:
  • ..that in spite of initial scepticism surrounding the capability of electric vehicles and concerns over range ‘anxiety’, they are more than capable of meeting the needs of drivers that require efficient urban transportation.
  • most journeys undertaken (77%) lasted less than 20 minutes and only 2% used more than 50% of the battery
  • electric vehicle users are not motivated to replenish their vehicle’s battery by reaching a particular point of depletion; rather they are driven by convenience and with data showing the vehicles are parked for 97.2% of the time (23.3 hours each day) it is apparent that there is ample opportunity for them to be plugged-in.
More details can be found on the CABLED site.

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