Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Replacing door speakers on the Volvo S40

While giving one of my friends a lift to the railway station on my old trusty Volvo S40, he somehow punched a hole through the speaker on the passenger side. I took it to the garage and they told me that it would take about £100 to replace the speakers and cover, plus the service. That was several months ago. I tried some DIY repair work on the speakers by putting super glue but that was a bad idea and it did not turn out well. The sound was terrible. In the end , I used the balancing knob on the music system to shut off the left speakers. It was irritating but I was not going to shell out almost £100 for one speaker. 

Anyway, one day while surfing eBay I chanced upon someone selling used speakers and covers from a S40 and without thinking much, I just bought them - all for £17.50.

I then went to YouTube looking for a tutorial video, I was sure there was bound to be at least one and I was right. 

It took me less than 10 minutes to replace the speakers with the new (old) ones and save myself around £80. 

New speaker in

Pop the cover on

The old speakers and cover

It is so great to finally listen to music with all the speakers on. 

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