Saturday, June 08, 2013

Mantis Fast Glass review

Here is a review I wrote sometime back but forgot to post up. I have been trying out the new glass cleaner from the Mantis Car Care range called Fast Glass. 

This new product from JML promises a "crystal clear, smear-free finish on glass and plastic windows”. As a marketer, I am aware of all the unsubstantiated claims that companies make about their products and I was sceptical. However, it did just what it claims - just sprayed the windscreen and wiped it off. See the result below. 

I also wanted to test the claims that it creates a "rain-resistant shield".  

It was the Easter break and we were driving to the Scottish highlands. As some of you might recall, the weather was really strange and we had light rain and sleet most of the way. Perfect way to test out the claim. On the motorway I did not even have to use the wiper as the rain drops just slid away from the glass. I have to point out that we did not have heavy rain then but it does work even under very wet conditions, though I did have to use the wipers as well. I am definitely going to keep using this windshield glass cleaner/ water repellent. 

I only have one complaint. It is with regards to the quality of their spray mechanism. I am not sure why but the liquid kept leaking out when I sprayed and in the end, I  transferred it to an empty Dettol cleanser spray bottle I had at home. 

Mantis Fast Glass is available here in the UK for £9.99

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