Saturday, July 27, 2013

Carports and canopies for protection from the elements

It has been a scorching hot summer here in the UK. Just the other day, it was around 30 degrees C (approx. 86 degrees Fahrenheit ) and when I got into the car, it felt like a sauna. According to the US National Weather Service site, on a sunny day, temperatures inside the car can easily reach the ranges of 180 to over 200°F. Even with the air conditioning blowing at full power, it still took several minutes before it was finally comfortable inside the car. AT times like this, I do envy people who have houses with garages.

I do not have a garage in the front of the house and the car is left exposed to the elements. It is the hot sun now and rain, frost or snow at other times. However, these are not the worst. If you have ever parked under tress, you will understand what I mean. I do not really mind dead tree leaves but I especially hate bird poop. The worst part is that they are not only disgusting, they can actually damage the car paint if not cleaned off as soon as possible, and I am talking from experience.

Anyway, I was thinking how wonderful it would be, to have a covered driveway in front of the house. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it would be a fantastic idea. By chance I got to know about 123v Plc, a company which is specialised in Carports and Car Canopies. They offer three different types of styles, namely,
1) Cantilever, where the carport or canopy is attached to a wall or any other structure;
2) Traditional, where the carport is attached to a wall and has posts as well. It can have a much larger span than the former.
3) Freestanding, with it's own posts.

I think for our house, a cantilever style canopy would be the most suitable. One reason I prefer this style is that there won't be any obstacles on the driveway.

However, installing these kind of structures is not a DIY job and would require the services of specialised companies. One thing that watching Cowboy Builders on TV has taught me is that you need to hire a reputed and experienced company for these kind of jobs. 123v Plc has been designing, manufacturing and installing all kinds of open sided structures, since 1997. These includes custom-build carports and canopies for homes, schools and offices all over Scotland, Wales and England. What I really found amazing was the fact that they offer a free, no obligation site survey so that each job is tailored to the needs of each individual customer. And once the fitting is complete, the surveyors will return to photograph them.

Check their site for more information.

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