Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Big Benefits of Carports

Across the UK homeowners are protecting their cars with outside shelters to shield against the unreliable elements and add a stylish extra to their home’s appearance. 123v is a reputable and industry leading supplier-installer of carports and canopies. Their carports are designed and manufactured in-house by an expert team adept at customising domestic and commercial carports and canopies to your taste.

Want an affordable outdoor shelter for your car? Take a look at these three major reasons why you should consider a domestic carport for your home:

Weather Protection
Ensure your car is kept clean and shielded from the impact of volatile weather conditions. 123v supply carports that offer UV protection, which prevents bodywork deterioration, and sturdy covered parking to control the effect of extreme weather. Over the winter period do you grow tired of heavy snow blocking up tyres and freezing conditions causing an ice blanket over your car? Invest in a robust carport.

Create Storage Space
123v carports and canopies also provide shaded and sheltered areas for social events. Host an outdoor party or a summertime barbecue under cover. Domestic storage is something we all look for, so pack away your outdoor furniture, bicycles and anything else; a carport provides weatherproof protection for anything you wish to keep… not just your car.

Save Money
A carport is a cost effective (and cheaper) alternative to a household garage. Not only that, but it will add to the value of your property. As a practical and budget-friendly shelter to provide covered parking, a 123v carport is available to install across the UK. Get ready to load and unload your car under cover from the rain!
123v supply a variety of car shelter sizes and styles, there is a range of carport structures from which to choose. Individual structures include cantilever, traditional and freestanding carports, and the installation process normally takes just a few hours. 123v will even assist with your planning permission applications and, on completion, each purchase includes a ten year warranty, which is a guarantee of high-class service and product quality.

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