Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Infiniti Q30 achieves Euro NCAP five-stars

The new Infiniti Q30 has received the maximum five-star in the latest Euro NCAP Assessment.

The Infiniti Q30 gained top scores in each of these four testing categories: occupant protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist.

Occupant protection scored highly in the rigorous test program with an 84 per cent rating for adult safety. As well as a driver knee airbag, the Q30 has driver-, passenger-, front hip-thorax side and front-to-rear curtain airbags.

An automated system in the front passenger seat will turn off the front passenger airbag when someone fits a rearward facing child seat.

For Pedestrian Protection, the Q30 scored 91 per cent, a score which is determined from tests to the most important vehicle front-end structures, such as the bonnet and windshield, the bonnet leading edge and the bumper. The Q30 is equipped with a sensor that detects a pedestrian’s legs contact with the bumper and causes the hood to pop up to give more clearance between the hood surface and the hard parts of the engine to protect pedestrians.

An 81 per cent score in the Safety Assist category was due to the latest safety technologies fitted to the Q30 as part of Infiniti’s acclaimed Safety Shield system. They include Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Speed Limit Alert.

Click the link below for a detailed report of Euro NCAP’s findings:


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