Monday, September 19, 2016

VW reviews vs customer comments

I was a VW fan for a long time. First it was the VW Beetle (old model) influenced no doubt by the Herbie movies. Then it was the VW Hippie camper van. They were so cool, they still are. In the UK, I took a ride on my friend's Golf and was quite impressed by the power and handling. I have also taken part in a few of their social media advertising campaigns in the UK.

Once I got back to Malaysia, I was seriously considering the VW Jetta. However, the news of the emissions scandal suddenly came out. I was shocked that this reputable German company had acted unethically. Though they have admitted cheating, they have left consumers with many unanswered questions. And this included not just the Volkswagen diesels models but their sister brands, Audi and Porsche as well.

Talking to other VW owners here in Malaysia, they were not that concerned with the emission scandal as it did not really affect them. However, I started hearing accounts of bad service, new cars breaking down, faulty parts and expensive parts and service. Some even told me never to buy a VW car. This was really surprising for me as I thought the brand had a good reputation in Malaysia.

I noticed that they have opened up a new big VW 3S centre in Semenyih, on my way to work. The reviews of the new Vento Turbo on various car blogs and sites have generally been positive and I was considering giving it a test drive. I wonder whether the Vento is assembled here in Malaysia or is imported from India where they are now produced.

Anyway, I was curious to see what the visitors to their Facebook page had to say about the new car. There were hardly any positive comments though I must say that who ever is in charge of their Facebook book page is very patient and is doing a good job of replying to the comments.

Take a look:

I have not given up hope but I am going to have to give them a pass for now.

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