Monday, September 04, 2017

Review of Fave offer - Lim Tayar @ SS2

Was going through some of the the discounts offered by Fave (known as Groupon previously) which I receive regularly via email. I was quite interested in the promotion offered by Lim Tayer. This company has numerous outlets in the Klang valley including two very near my house, one in SS2 nd another in Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya.

According to the offer, I would get the following services:

15-point check
  1. Battery
  2. Brake fluid
  3. Power steering fluid
  4. Auto transmission fluid (ATF)
  5. Wipers
  6. Lights
  7. Brakes
  8. Tyre pressure (including spare tyre)
  9. Tyre condition
  10. Rims
  11. Spark plug and air fliter (typo)
  12. Coolant
  13. All beltings
  14. Air cond gas
  15. Suspensions
Plus the following: 
Wheel alignment services
Off wheel balancing
Balancing weight + rim wash

Customers also get:
50% off for Valeo/AcDelco wipers (must be purchased on the spot).

It sounded faboulous as my old Proton Wira was due for a service and I could find out if there were any isssues. I selected the SS2 outlet and ook up the offer. I only had to pay RM17.50 with extra discounts for this offer.

Anyway, I just got back after getting the so-called 15-point check plus extras. 

The positives first:
I found out that my one of my tyres needed to be replaced soon. However, I know that Lazada has great offers on Continental tyres and I plan to buy from them online.

I also found out that needed to change my engine mounting. It was not that bad but I decided to go ahead and change them anyway.  

Here is the breakdown of the charges:

Wheel alignment + balancing + weight + RIM wash  was RM23.59 + RM 1.42 (GST)
Labour was RM30 + RM1.80 (GST).
Front and rear engine mountings were RM50 each + RM 6 GST. 
The total was RM162.81 (with GST).
Ended up paying a total of RM137.80 (after -RM25 discount).

First of all, they DID NOT do a 15 point check. From the entire list, all they did was look at the tyres, a cursory look at the brakes and the engine mountings. So no check of the fluids, suspensions, belts, lights or even wipers. They did not even mention the wiper offer and I did not bother. 

They also did not do a proper wheel alignment check. Hell, I did not even get my rims washed. 
However, I noticed that they did wash the tyres and rims of an Audi which got new tyres. Was this bad service due to the fact that my car is an old Proton Wira?

I pointed out to the lady in charge that I was supposed to get a 15-point check. After consulting with the mechanics, she told me that they had checked everything.



Really disappointed with Lim Tyres. Was my first experience with them and my last.

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