Sunday, October 22, 2017

Buying Continental tyres from Lazada

As I had mentioned in one of my past posts: Review of Fave offer - Lim Tayar @ SS2, I needed to change one of the tyres on my Wira. There was an offer on Continental tyres on Lazada and I did a search.

I bought a Continental Tyre CC6 175/70/13 for RM 128.00 (discounted from RM160) from a seller called Tyre Hunter. I specifically selected the seller based in Semenyih as it is near my office. I was quite interested to try out Nitrogen gas for the tyres offered by other sellers. Unfortunately the workshop near my office did not offer Nitrogen gas.

I soon received a Whatsapp message from a lady called Christine and we fixed a day for me to go to their workshop and have the tyre installed.

The workshop is called WSS Auto Accessories & Tyres Sdn Bhd in Semenyih. Unlike other workshops, they have a air-conditioned waiting room. Unfortunately no coffee or even water but there was an old vintage arcade game to keep me occupied.

Once there, I decided to get the wipers changed as well. There was a cheaper rubber version and a silicon version, which was slightly more expensive. I decided to go for the silicon wipers and the 17" cost me RM35 while the 20" one cost me RM40.

Since I was already there I also decided to have the balancing and alignment done.
The front alignment cost me RM25 while the balancing for all tyres cost RM40. I only realised later that the balancing was supposed to be free for the tyre I purchased.

All together, it cost me RM121 with GST (6%).

However, this is not the end of this story. A few days later on the weekend as I was washing my car, I suddenly realised that they had installed another brand tyre - Viking CityTech CT5, which only costs about RM88. I was quite annoyed. So I sent off a message to Christine. She profusely apologised and asked me to come over to get it changed to the correct tyres.

So, next Monday, I again drive to the workshop from my office and had the tyres changed. It only took a couple of minutes. They did not do the balancing or alignment again and I did not insist as I had to get back to my office soon.

I am not sure what happened and whether it was a honest mistake. But it should not have happened and left me with a bad impression of the workshop. 

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