Friday, July 04, 2008

Experience with National Tyres and Autocare

I needed to change my tyres and was quite excited when I found out that National Tyres and Autocare was offering two tyres for the price of one. As they say, "if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is." Found that their promotions and offers are quite misleading.

They have two branches here in Coventry and I went to the one in Gosford Street, near Coventry University.

Found out that the "Buy one tyre, get one free" offer is not available for my car tyre size. I only had one replaced - a Barum Bravuris tyre (195 / 50 R 15 82V) costing £45/

It's not that bad considering that I had one tyre changed at the "New Cheap Tyres" shop on Stoney Stanton road. It cost the same for a no-brand Chinese made tyre (the cheapest according to them).

Coming back to the National tyres shop, I wanted to take advantage of their Wheel alignment offer - only £11 according to the coupon. However, when I asked the guy in charge, he said that it will cost me £15. Of course, it's a difference of only £4/ but I do feel like he was trying to take advantage. Another thing that reinforced this suspicion was when he told me that the 2 rear tyres needed to be changed as well. It's obvious I am a foreigner here, but I am not stupid. They still have good thread depths. The minimum legal thread depth is 1.6 mm in the UK while on the tyres on my car, they are between 2.5 to 3mm.

the only positive thing I can say is that the whole process of changing to the new tyres was that I didn't have to wait too long and it was relatively fast. I also got Tesco clubcard points.

That's another shop I won't be going back to. I am not so sure about their other branch at Spon End.


psaico said...

at least you managed to finish the tyres change ;)

אימון אישי said...


Anonymous said...

hi there i work for national, the advert is not mis leading !! if you bother to read it properly it states, ON A RANGE OF BARUM AND AVON TYRES, SELECTED SIZES ONLY !! as for the tracking, the vocher sheet also states that prices are subject to change at any time, plus where else are you going to get tracking done for £15.00 any way ???

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Anon, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Read my reply "Response to Anon - National Tyres and Autocare

אימון אישי said...

Very interesting articles, thanks for the information

אימון אישי said...

10x for it!

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