Thursday, March 17, 2005

Malaysia's First Sports Car

The Star carried an interesting news today. It reported that Malaysia's First sports car called the Esna Venera is expected to roll out in 2006 and that the company Esnasports Sdn Bhd had already received 20 orders. The car will cost between MYR500,000 ($131,579) and MYR800,000.

The company will produce only 150 units of the car after which they will start on the next model. Keeping the car exclusive seems to be their strategy. You can read the news in the Star here and also in the NST.

vene Got this picture from the NST website.

However, I was wondering how this can be Malaysia's first sports car when Proton already has announced that they would launch their own sports car later this year. They also have the various Lotus models.


Jon said...

Man, that is one ugly sports car.

Adam said...

Well I guess it depends on one whom you ask. ;-) It has an aggressive look, not that bad.

JFE 8555 said...

the nose loks like a Ferrari copycat.


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