Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Naza Launches New Sportage

Naza Kia Sdn Bhd launched the new Kia Sportage at Putrajaya on the 4th of this month.

Priced at RM 121 888.00 (on the road including insurance), they call the Sportage "Part car, Part SUV, Part MPV". That's marketing I guess.

The MPV comes in 10 colours - beat that Proton.

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Anonymous said...


Naza Malaysia - "Malaysia's Leading Automotive Company"

"A used car has to work particularly hard to get our seal of approval. Mechanics, electrics, bodywork, interior, tyres, wheels, vehicle history and mileage."

The above statement can be found on the Naza website for NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd
who is proud to be one of the largest authorised Mercedes-Benz dealerships with the latest and widest range of Mercedes-Benz models for Malaysia.

Sorry to say, the above statement is very contradictory because I know of at least 2 if not more people who have bought a Mercedes through Naza Malaysia encountering major problems with their Mercedes with a price tag of OVER RM800K after just 4 years despite regular service being done on the car. If compared to Japanese engineering, just take the case of Honda for example. I know also of someone who has owned a Honda (1993 Honda Accord) who is still driving the car presently and has no major issues with the car.

So please!
If you know anyone who wishes to buy a car from Naza Malaysia, please advise them against it at they are making the biggest mistake of their life and that they better look elsewhere if they don't want to throw their money down the drain.


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