Monday, April 17, 2006

Cheaper Petrol

In case you are not aware, you can still get cheaper petrol.


Just go to any Caltex petrol station.

Me and my wife have been loyal Catex (a ChevronTexaco company) customers for a long, long time and we don't use any other brand of fuel unless we are in an emegency.

Caltex offers 3 different grades of petrol, namely, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, I have yet to come across any Caltex petrol station selling the Platinum brand.

I normally put the "Gold" brand which is tagged the normal price (RM1.92). However, I was surprised to see that the "Silver" brand was priced lower (RM1.88). That's 0.04 sen cheaper.

A lot of people have asked me why I only use Caltex. My answer to them is to try out the different fuels and feel the difference themselves.

As the Caltex website says:
Caltex VortexTM fuels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) contain a proprietary, advanced technology additive system that cleans up dirty intake and fuel systems with as little as a single tank, and keeps them clean to ensure engines operate at peak performance and efficiency.
BTW, Caltex didn't pay me a sen to write this.

According to their website:
Silver with Techron® is the value offering in the Caltex petrol product slate, aimed at less demanding motorists. It delivers unbeatable cleaning power of vital engine parts.


Paul Tan said...

the silver caltex is ron92. not all cars can use this. for example, proton wira 1.6 and above as well as satria gti requires ron95 minimum.

Adam said...

Thanks for the info Paul. I didn't know about that.

mat_toro said...

Mobil and Esso regular also cheaper if I'm not mistaken... Check it out la. Not sure the price as I'm not too choosy about which brand I use. Everything also I belasah.


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