Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lotus News

Several websites (here, here) reported that Lotus Cars’ had launched its first light commercial vehicle, an Elise-derived flatbed composite-bodied pickup, named the 'Load Lugga' on April 1st 2006.

Of course it was a prank. Read here.

It was also reported that the Lotus Group lost £7.4m in the year 2005.
The Group’s plans to develop its engineering services business in pursuit of profitability. Read full report here.

Part of the plan involves raising output at the Hethel Lotus Cars plant by assembling niche vehicles for third parties.

Lotus also presented concept vehicle the APX which stands for Aluminium Performance Crossover, at the recent Geneva Show.

The APX is a 7-seater (in reality a 5 + 2 with the two rear seats being occasional) four-wheel drive “Crossover” vehicle.

Engine: A 300 hp supercharged 3 litre (2996 cc, Bore: 88 mm, stroke: 82.1 mm) V6 DOHC engine, mounted longitudinally in the front of the vehicle.

The body predominantly aluminium manufactured in the form of high-pressure die-cast corner nodes, stampings and extrusions and assembled by various techniques, including adhesive bonding, self-piercing rivets and flow-drill screws for construction – joining techniques that Lotus calls Riv-Bonding

According to their pressrelease:
APX is not just a Lotus Engineering concept, but a feasible prototype close to production; it is not a concept indicating a strategic direction of Lotus Cars;
Its latest own-brand model, the Europa S, is to start production in July this year, with a target of 500 units a year.


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