Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Open Source Car

I was going through the Businessweek site when I chanced upon this article. It's about an amazing project using open-source practices to build a car. Of course, I was incredulous. As far as I know, open source is limited to ICT. Or so I thought. Tine for a Paradigm Shift.

Markus Merz is the founder and "maintainer" (that's the title on his business card) of the OScar project with the Tag line - Reinvent Mobility.

- One of the submitted designs

The Idea as given on the site:
A community of people plans and develops a new car in the web. The idea is about the goal to develop a simple and innovative car, but also about the way how this goal is achieved. We would like to convey the idea of Open Source to “hardware” and we want OScar to be the precursor for many different projects in this field.

Wishing the project all the best. Maybe I could contribute in my own small way.


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