Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chevrolet Camaro

The 2006 Camaro Concept

The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors on 29 September 1966 as a competitor to the Ford Mustang. So far, four distinct generations of the car have come out of production lines before production ended in 2002.

The Camaro is designated as a pony car (similar to the Ford Mustang). However, it may also be classified as an intermediate touring car, a sports car, or a muscle car.

Searching for info on the Camaro, I came across a forum, which lists a number of camaro for sale. Even if you are not looking to buy one, it may be a great place to discuss the car with people that already have one. It might be the ideal place to search for spare parts too.
You don't need to be a member to read the posts but in order to reply to the ads or to post anything, you have to register first.

I would suggest you read's message board rules before posting anything. Just to warn you, no Ebay ad's are permitted! in the forum.

One of the ads that caught my eye was a rare 1991 Camero z28 350 1LE. According to the owner, it is one out of 175 cars with only 350 engines made. Now that's rare.

Now for some trivia:
The 2006 Camaro Concept from General Motors debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, making it the fifth generation Camaro. The concept is powered by the 400 hp LS2 V8 and equipped with the T-56 six-speed manual transmission. GM also showed off a convertible concept at the same event. Other than the convertible top, Hugger Orange pearl tri-coat paint job, and a pair of dark gray racing stripes, the convertible concept is exactly the same as the coupe concept. It is expected that the new Camaro based on the concept, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2009. I am just wondering how much they are going to price this new car.

In the upcoming movie, Transformers, the Autobots character Bumblebee will be be disguised as a bright yellow 1970s Camaro and will later be modified into the 2009 preproduction version of the car.



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