Nitro T-shirt contest

I recently got my hands on two Dodge Nitro "Can" t-shirts: one red with long sleeves and another black with short sleeve. Well, I have decided to give them away.

Why do we call it the "can" t-shirts, take a look at the picture below...

The designs

If you would like to get your hands on one of them, read on.

Here are the rules:

1. Write a post describing what you like about the Dodge Nitro (Minimum 50 words). It's ok even if you haven't driven it yet. You can refer to the looks or specs.

2. Add a link to the official Dodge nitro site 

3. Add a link to my blog ( with the key words: "Auto Blog". Optional.

4. Leave a comment here with a link to your post.

That's it.

Oh! I almost forgot:

- The contest will end on the 25th of March 2007.

- The Judge's (ME) decision is final.

- Results will be posted on this blog.

- One winner, one t-shirt. Meaning that there will be two winners.

For your information, the Dodge Nitro is an SUV from the Dodge division of DaimlerChrysler and is due for launch in Europe soon. It's the first time Dodge-branded cars will be sold in Europe.

UPDATE: The winners of the contest are BinaryGuy and Doris Chua.


BinaryGuy said…
Since renting a Nitro, I am rather obsessed with buying one this year. I reviewed my rental experience on a trip. Enjoy!
Dilip Mutum said…
Thanks for sharing your experience. You are the first one to join in.
BinaryGuy said…
Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be the only one and winner by default :)
WAHM said…
Hi Adam... I was just thinking abt running a contest in one of my blogs and I saw this :) I'm going to talk abt this in my blog for
Dilip Mutum said…
Thanks Doris. you can join in too.

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