Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Toyota cautious of becoming number 1

Most manufacturers would be overjoyed to become the #1 carmaker in the US and I guess Toyota is no exception. However, according to this article "Why Toyota Is Afraid Of Being Number One", they are keen to avoid the backlash that might happen.
Toyota has done a remarkable job over the past 20 years of selling itself as an American company.

Read on on how Toyota became the most respected car company in America.

Sales in different parts of the World, according to the Third Quarter Financial Results:

North America: Vehicle sales reached 764 thousand, an increase of 121 thousand units, due to strong sales of redesigned models such as the RAV4, Camry and Yaris and the new model FJ Cruiser.

Europe: Led by strong sales of compact models such as the Yaris, vehicle sales increased by 60 thousand, to 306 thousand units.

Asia: Sales decreased by 13 thousand, to 204 thousand units, as a result of weakened market conditions in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Other regions, including Central and South America, Oceania and Africa: Vehicle sales increased to 340 thousand units, an increase of 37 thousand, due to continuing popularity of the IMV series in Central and South America and the Camry in Oceania.

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