Friday, March 16, 2007

Car seat cover site

One of the most important but neglected car accessories are the seats. I have seen cars heavily modified with neon lights under them and mufflers that looked like cannons but with the old boring factory installed seats.

Even if you don't want to change the seats you can change the overall look and feel by just changing the covers. Talking about seat covers, Seat Covers Unlimited specializes in high quality seat covers. The site has a list of seat covers for almost every make or model of car from Fords to BMW's. They also have seat covers for SUVs, vans and even trucks. Even if your vehicle make is not listed, don't worry. Accordign to the site you just have to call them at 1-888-410-5050 and they
"will let you know if we have a pattern for your year, make, and model or we'll search for a vehicle to obtain a pattern for you."

Seat Covers Unlimited has designs to suit the personality and style preferences of almost everybody. For example, if you fancy yourself as a hunter living in the jungle and want a tiger or leopard print car seat cover, they have it.

I was surprised when I checked out the prices - they are so reasonable. This is amazing because the products used are not any cheap cloth but durable upholstery style fabrics. For added comfort, a 3/8 inch foam backing is added to the seats.

For your information, their manufacturing plant is located in Mesa, Arizona.


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