Friday, March 30, 2007

Jay Leno's Garage

I know that Jay Leno is the host of NBC television's long-running talk show "The Tonight Show".

However, I didn't know that he's an avid collector of vehicles. He's actually more than a just a collector. He writes a regular column in the American automotive magazine - Popular Mechanics and he also restores classic cars. He has 84 cars. Yes! that's correct, 84 cars at last count plus 73 motorcycles.

Leno keeps his cars in his "Big Dog Garage" located in a Burbank industrial park, Southern California. It is spread across two low-slung buildings and covers about 17,000 square feet.

Check out footage of some rare cars and motorcycles owned by Jay Leno in the NBC site Jay Leno's Garage. The site also has some how-to videos for tweaking your car. Four new videos go up every week.

The latest includes a video of Jay’s Monteverdi High Speed 375, a how-to about stopping Corvettes from overheating from fan blockage, footage of Jay’s head mechanic working on the engine of his 1924 Ace Motorcycle and a video extra of the garage’s eco-friendly ultrasonic engine part cleaner.

The Hybrid Ecojet


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