Thursday, March 01, 2007

Petrol contamination in UK

Surprised to hear over the news today that contaminated fuel has affected thousands of cars in the UK - mostly in London and parts of east and south-east England.

Most of the blame has been directed at supermarkets that sell petrol. Both Tesco and Morrisons have said that their tests indicate that there is nothing wrong with their oil.

Of course it's the oil. Hundreds of drivers cannot be lying?

Asda also reported that they received several complaints.

It seems that most of the vehicles affected are those from the higher end with fuel management systems. These high tech equipment compose of sensors that are attached to the exhaust and they determine the oxygen and petrol mix supplied to the engine.

Most of the complainants say that their cars suffered from power loss and misfiring.

Several workshops have run out of replacement parts and costs range from a few hundred pounds and more than £1000 for a few.

I filled up at Tesco last week and fortunately our car is OK.


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