Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Awesome customized firetruck

If you like customizing vehicles or simply a fan of customized vehicles then you will love this Custom Ford Firetruck. Called Project Responder, a former volunteer firefighter starts off with an old Ford F-250 truck. He then restores and converts it into a customized "ultimate fire fighting emergency vehicle".

The site has some great articles about the project including detailed technical information. It also has news, photographs and much more about the project. It was quite engrossing to read the history of the project - right from the "Genesis" of the project to the rebuilding process and the ongoing improvements.

Today the truck is a fully equipped and fully functional fire/ rescue vehicle. However, the modification continues and in fact it is a work in progress. As noted by the owner,
"Even though the truck is "finished", it will never be complete."
Right now they are busy attending shows and events around the country - the last one being the St. Louis Auto Show. I was laughing when I read about their encounter with a "Walt Winters" at the show.

Check out the site to find out what I am talking about.

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