Sunday, May 06, 2007

Win a T-shirt and get featured too

If you think you car is outstanding, write about it on your blog and you stand a chance of winning a cool looking t-shirt from At the same time, winners would have their entry featured in an article about your ride. The contest is called the "Import Tuner Ride of the Month" and runs till 5 p.m. PST 22nd of May this year. Voting starts from that date till the 31st of May. The contest winners will be announced in late June.

Entering the contest is quite easy and involves four steps. First of all, you have to fill in your contact information. Unlike some other contests on the net, here you can specify the shirt size. You won't be stuck with a large one size fits all shirt.

In the next step, you enter the vehicle, and fill in details about your vehicle. You then upload pictures of your car. I like the fact that the images will be resized and/or cropped automatically to a 112x80 Thumbnail and a 400x300 large sized image.

Finally you hit the "Submit my ride" button and you are done.

The web page looks cool but I noticed that there is are a few things they could do to improve it even more. First of all, the picture "View contest entries" on the top right hand side of the banner may be a bit misleading as there is no link present.

Also noticed that the contest is targeted to Americans ONLY as the contact information does not have a "Country" option. Putting in a line saying "For visitors from the US only" would be advisable.

For your information, Import Tuner is a is a PRIMEDIA publication. This magazine focuses on modified / modifying cars imported to the US.

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Xcarz said...

NEW 2007 Perodua Viva from Malaysia just launched. See photos n video in my xcarz blog...:)

Adam said...

Thanks for the info. Going over there now.


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