Monday, June 25, 2007

Review of the RHD Japan site

Presently there's a lot of interest in Japanese imported cars all around the World, thanks to movies like The Fast and the Furious (2001), Initial D (2005) and the like. So if you into fast Japanese cars, you might find this review interesting.

Recently, I got to know about RHD Japan, an international supplier of quality Japanese performance car parts. The Japanese company was founded in 1999 by Patrick Antell and Russell Hobbs. Since then they have been supplying quality JDM or Japanese domestic market parts to customers in over 80 countries around the Globe. I later learned that their business is recognised by the Japanese Legal Affairs Bureau as a Limited Liability Corporation (YK). They guarantee the absolute best quality service and supply of Japanese racing parts from Japan.

Going to their website, I quite liked the fact that they had taken the bandwidth of their customers into consideration. So you have the choice of entering either a high bandwidth or a low bandwidth version of their site. The only difference is that the latter has less graphics and it does definitely load much faster.

I liked the layout and look of the site. Almost everything that I usually look for in a e-commerce site are all there - including an "about us" page, FAQ, payment methods and ability to search products. The site is also secure and verified by Verisign.

One important piece of new information that I learnt from their site was that JDM parts suppliers now require legal documentation called the “Kobutsusho”. Not having the mentioned documentations can result in serious problems with the authorities. I have never come across any site of other JDM parts suppliers that mentioned this document. Thanks for the info guys.

Prices of the products are based on the location of the customer and you would need to register in order to find out the correct shipped price for each product.

Signing in does give you some extra features. For example, you will get detailed descriptions of each product plus the shipped price. Clicking on the "give me a deal" button on the top will entitles you to a discount on 3 products picked at random, for the car you choose when you signed up. You are entitled to this discount for different products once every month.

Some improvements I would like on the site:

In the low bandwidth site, the side bar is quite long and it's quite odd to see a lot of white empty space below the new products listed. A drop-down script should solve that. The higher bandwidth site doesn't have this problem.

Extra information:
Instead of putting the shipping info inside the terms and conditions page, probably they could have a separate shipping page and clearly spell out all the details necessary for overseas shipping. I would also recommend that they put up a Privacy & Security page. Even though they have a Verisign button up on the home page, it wouldn't do any harm to reassure the customers even more.

I found the search engine to be quite simple. Customers would definitely welcome one with more options such as product type, brand, etc.

Other, than that, there's nothing much I would change about the site. Even if you are not planning to buy anything, check out their Gallery. They have loads of original pictures of automobile parts, along with descriptions of the products. Don't blame me if you find yourself drooling on your keyboard.


Aidar said...

the store itself is very competitive in terms of pricing policy...have paid for the fueling parts ...can't wait to receive the post to put everything on my car really.


Gerry said...

I've used RHD Japan a few times now , their prices are competitive, they answer any questions quickly and shipping is very quick

Anonymous said...

I often refer my friends to RHD Japan. They offer items that are sometimes difficult or impossible to get through normal channels. Even though the items come from Japan, frieght is affordable and timely. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I've order a few parts from them before and have always been impressed with the packing job compared with some domestic sites, and the thank you cards were are nice touch too!

James said...

I've used RHD Japan several times for performance parts and oem replacement parts for my R32 GT-R. They can get you pretty much any thing for a GT-R even if it is not on their website. And the best part is even though it is overseas and I live in Canada, I have always recieved my parts within 5 bussiness days.

Anonymous said...

Great guys buy with confidence, site is easy to use.

james o connor said...

I was referred to rhd by a friend,and I have to say,having dealt with many similar companies,I have never received the level of service and professionalism as I did from RHD. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to source high quality,fairly priced parts.

Jon Holmes said...

The site and pricing is excellent.

The reference to the actual car model as pposed to part numbers (which are confusing to the general user) are also refreshing

Once ordered the communications and ease which you can track your parcel on it's way is also perfect.

Only one against is the gift wrap option. For me I took this as an attempt to get the product through our customs without paying top duty and marking as a gift is an accepted way of doing this. However, covering the gift paper in brown paper and not marking as a gift on the desptch note means I ended up paying full whack so unless it really is a gift be prepared to pay the total duty.

Edgar said...

I have a 4age silvertop and without RHD I wouldnt have been able to finish my project. Great prices, fast shipping, and they answer your emails. I'd recommened them to anyone working with jdm engines. Thanks RHD.

lewoolf2 said...

Great web site,pricing and nice to get hard to find items.

Matti K said...

god pricing and fast shipping

Anonymous said...

I like the 'Give me a deal' page for members.

r33nissan said...

Nice easy site to navigate , store is competitively priced , and there service is far better than there competitors

Anonymous said...


bnr32 said...

I'm from Malaysia and I have been buying parts from RHDJapan for almost one and a half year now. Excellent service, good price and I always received my order in 5 business day. I highly recommended them.

Anonymous said...

RHD is a great site due to the high quality race parts and store the best part brand names in Japan. RHD staffs are professional they are always helpful for any questions related to parts and technical query... I have used RHD parts and I enjoy shopping on their site most of the time.


Chooi Yue said...

You can find lots of JDM stuff on RHD for a very resonable price and the shipping cost and time is excellent!!!

I'm from Malaysia as well and have recommended many friends to them. Got an almost new momo steering for an incredible price! SWEET

Anonymous said...

Have used RHD Japan numerous times and always recieved top professional service. Theyre one of the first places i check out when sourcing parts and i have recommended them to several friends who have had equally good experiences.
CJ (Irl)

Anonymous said...

happy with them,
great time delivery at a great price! Never change your price.
Stéphane from France.

Anonymous said...

nengun is cheaper and better service and there auction site is better

Ryuu-kun said... launced a new site for 2010 along with a new yahoo bidding proxy service.

Anonymous said...

nengun is terrible. They dont ever respond to your questions and prices are wayy higher then RHDjapan.

Anonymous said...

yea agree nengun sucks, RHD all the way!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know about how great they are when you finally agree with them that the part you would like to enquire about is available or not all i got was like you would get from a abrupt scrap yard dealer >
Sorry it wont > and when i replied back to put them more in the picture as to what i was acctually doing and asked once more have you this part yes or no ? was > No we Dont >

btsigris said...

Careful when buying from this site. You can buy a part for "x" price, paid for it and after a few days(10) they can sent a e-mail telling you that the item have doubled its price. So if you pay "2x" for the part or they cancelled the order. How professionalism is that??? These are the e-mails(

προς Εμένα
Ελληνικά Μετάφραση μηνύματος
Απενεργοποίηση για: Αγγλικά
Hello vasileios tsigris,

Thank you for your order with RHDJapan!

In order to process with your order 900017515, we need you to provide us with additional information.

About the Super Now Tie Rod End - GC8 BH5 CD9A CE9A CN9A CP9A CT9A:

thank you for choosing RHDJapan. regarding this item the price had doubled a couple months back however we did not have the site updated. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.
Thank you again for using RHDJapan!

Best Regards,
Support Hours: Mon. ~ Fri. 9:00 ~ 19:00 JST
Facebook: RHDJapan Fan Page

Disclaimer - This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and contain privileged information. You must not present this message to another party without gaining permission from the sender. If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy, distribute or use this email or the information contained in it for any purpose other than to notify us.

Bill Tsigris

προς RHDJapan
I'm not intersting if the item had double price. However i don't think that is correct to double the price after the order. It's not proffesionalism. I inform that i will use your e-mail to protect other customers from this. So i would like to return my money to my paypal account.


προς Εμένα
Ελληνικά Μετάφραση μηνύματος
Απενεργοποίηση για: Αγγλικά

Hello and I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend. There are continual price changes everyday and we continue to update our site as we become aware of the changes. This particular one had been missed. Your full refund has been made and we can go on our way.

wishing you a great week.

Phone: +81-7-2844-9220
SKYPE : patrick_rhdjapan
VIBER : RHDJapan_Patrick
Real-Time Yahoo Auction Bidding Service :

Disclaimer - This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and contain privileged information. You must not present this message to another party without gaining permission from the sender. If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy, distribute or use this email or the information contained in it for any purpose other than to notify us.

2015-02-22 3:30 GMT+02:00 >:


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